Seattle man gets 1 year in ‘revenge porn’ case

Seattle DA follows Los Angeles’s lead on revenge porn. Read it here.


Scorched earth

It’s one thing when you’ve got a client who wants to initiate scorched earth litigation. It’s quite another when it’s you and your kids.


Listen to Gloria Allred’s proposal for Bill Cosby

If you’re following Bill Cosby’s media meltdown and you’re interested in the legal issues, this is a pretty good interview and a reasonable proposal by Gloria Allred.

There’s a 0% chance his lawyers would ever agree to Allred’s proposal, but it’s an interesting thought piece on justice and how an accused can help (and maybe help himself).


Michael. Tamir. Eric.

What a flipping mess. Today was just crazy. Maybe Chris Rock said it best.


City of LA moves against marijuana delivery app Nestdrop

As reported by Souyma Karalmanga (@skaralmanga) at the LA Times, LA City Attorney Mike Feuer is trying to shut down Nestdrop. I got a copy of the complaint and will post it soon.


California’s criminal revenge porn law has teeth; defendant gets a year in jail

Here in Los Angeles, an ex-boyfriend posted naked pictures of his girlfriend somewhere online. Under California’s new “revenge porn” law, a judge sentenced him to a year in jail and thee years of supervised release.

Interestingly, it took the jury seven days of trial to convict him, so there might have been some complicated evidentiary issues related to the technology.

California imposed both criminal liability and civil liability for revenge porn.