You’ve Found Your Personal Turnaround Partner

This is not the life you dreamed of, but it still can be

You’re here, so it’s possible your money’s gotten out of control, and you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Or maybe your relationship is falling apart, and you’re worried what the future will look like.

Let’s turn things around, together.

You’ve talked to friends, spent a lot of time Googling for answers. Seeking hope on Instagram. Watching YouTube videos.

What if you had someone you could really talk to?

Someone completely focused on supporting you. Someone who keeps conversations completely confidential.

Someone who might have some real, legal answers, but who mostly listens.

No judgment. All support.

Rediscover hope in the future

Let’s talk about how to turn your life around.

Let’s talk about a new, hopeful future whether it’s money or relationships.

My approach to law is focused more on coaching you to unlock your own abilities and opening options for you. Bankruptcy or divorce is always the last resort, and should be part of a bigger plan.

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