Bankruptcy docket roundup – November 22, 2021

View of a bankruptcy courtroom in Chicago, Illinois

This might be a fun project to do… round up bankruptcy cases from the day before. Let’s go!

In the storied Southern District of New York, there’s an involuntary case proceeding against a law firm where $8 million in escrow accounts went missing. The managing partner of the firm is facing criminal charges, and now Judge Jones is threatening jail time for misconduct in the bankruptcy case. Pretty interesting because it implicates a conflict between the debtor’s Fifth Amendment rights and bankruptcy court power. In re Kossoff PLLC (21-10699).

Fewer fireworks, but possibly more interesting to Western District of Virginia practitioners, Judge Connelly overruled the chapter 7 trustee’s objection to debtor’s claimed $10,000 in farming equipment. In re Ross (20-50885).

Returning to the Northeast, in New Hampshire Judge Harwood denied a motion to avoid what looks to be a judicial lien against the debtor’s house. In re Delong (20-10837-BAH).

Finally, in the Eastern District of Michigan, Judge Opperman denied a liquidating trustee’s motion against the State of Michigan. In my podcast, I talk about bringing you into the bankruptcy conversation, but this case looks more likely to be a long-running dispute that would be summarize in just a few moments. In re Boyce Hydro, LLC (20-21214-dob).

Disclaimer: on these posts, I do not necessarily read the entire case. Often I don’t, in fact. I usually skim them briefly, so if you see anything I got really wrong or an important nuance I missed… please let me know by sending me an email!

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