Solve your family law problems out of court

Have you already tried working things out with your ex?

Can’t seem to resolve a few difficult issues without conflict, like money, custody, or something else?

You don’t want to get lawyers involved because you’re worried about high legal fees and/or that the conflict will increase but you’re not sure what to do?

Let’s talk.

My name is Michael Rice. I’m a different kind of family law attorney.

I understand the problems your family is facing, and my practice is different from many other family lawyers because I provide emotionally supportive, out of court mediation and legal assistance to families like yours.

My clients believe they need help to resolve issues, whether they’re divorce finances, child or spousal support, custody matters, or something that came up after a divorce is over, but who worry what will happen if they get lawyers involved.

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Working with me has unique benefits.

I’m known as a warm, friendly, quietly confident professional who is talented at navigating difficult conversations and issues like the ones you face. Working with me has benefits.

You’ll save money. Going through family law litigation, court hearings, and trial is a lot of work, which is why it typically costs $15,000 to $30,000 in legal fees to get divorced in Los Angeles County. Instead of the traditional route, I try to strike an agreement before a single paper gets filed in court so it will cost considerably less. Even if you are already involved in a court process, I can still help.

Stay in control of your family. When families break apart and courts and/or lawyers get lawyers involved, families lose control of their future. As a parent myself, this is very troubling because it adds uncertainty and fear to an already emotionally difficult situation. I keep you in control of the process. As I always tell my clients, I wouldn’t want a judge making a decision for my family, so I’ll work hard to help you avoid that as well.

Collaborate your way to a solution. If you’re here, you may feel it’s impossible to reach a solution with your ex. You may simply need a third party like me to help resolve it. I use a style of lawyering called mediation, which is known to resolve 80-90% of disagreements. Have hope. We might be able to make this work!

Full service legal support. Unlike some other out of court professionals, like non-lawyer mediators or divorce coaches, I am able to advise your family on all aspects of the legal process and take you from start to finish, including all the paperwork and filings.

Transform your lives in the process. This is one of the most challenging problems you’ve faced in your life, but I’m a firm believer that a major break up like a divorce custody dispute is also one of the best opportunities for both of you to grow personally. For some (maybe you), I use a special mediation style that’s known to improve their lives dramatically. I also use a style of lawyering I called supportive, which most of my clients deeply appreciate.

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